Work Experience

DoctorEminAli Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practice Clinic - 2020

Emergency Doctor -Kemer Yaşam Hospital - 2005-2020

Ambulance Doctor -Kemer Yaşam Hospital - 2005-2020

Tourism Doctor- Kemer Life Hospital -2005-2020

Occupational  Physician- Kemer Yaşam Hospital (Life / Yaşam OSGB) - 2010-2020

CEO - İLA / Paradigma Medikal H.D. and Ö.S.Y.T.T.A.Ş. -2013-2020

Assistant Chief Physician -Kemer Yaşam Hospital - 2009-2010 

Administrator - Facebook International Doctors Group - 2007

Medical Officer – Turkish Naval Forces - Aksaz Naval Base - 2004-2005


University (Master) Çukurova University - Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration (Turkish) - 10.2013-06.2014

University (Undergraduate) Anadolu University - Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration (Turkish) - 09.2009-09.2013

University (Graduate) Yeditepe University - Faculty of Medicine, Medicine (English) - 09.2001-11.2003

University (Undergraduate) Moscow State University - Faculty of Medicine, Medicine (Russian) - 09.1996-06.2001

Secondary Education (English Preparation, Secondary School, High School) İSTEK Kaşgarlı Mahmut High School Science Department - 09.1988- 06.1995

Primary Education (Primary School) 50. Yıl Primary School - 09.1983-06.1988


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate - Google Digital Workshop / The Open University / IAB Europe - 07.08.2020

Digital Marketing Specialization Training Certificate- Olgu Şengül Digital Marketing Training - 08.07.2020

Acupuncture Certificate - University of Health Sciences - 12.2019

Trikombin Usage Basic Training Certificate - Biofrequency Systems ERS - 04.08.2018

Entrepreneurship Certificate - BAKA / Kosgeb - 09.2012

Adult Advanced Life Support Certificate - Ministry of Health - 03.2012

Family Medicine Certificate - Ministry of Health - 02.2012

Tourism Medicine Certificate - Ministry of Tourism - 01.2012

Basic Module Certificate (Emergency) - Ministry of Health - 03.2011

Trauma and Resuscitation Certificate - Istanbul University - 02.2011

Occupational Medicine Certificate - Ministry of Labor - 12.2010

Child Advanced Life Support Certificate - Ministry of Health - 04.2010

Russian Language Instructor Certificate - Moscow Medical Academy - 21.06.2002


YouTube Quick Start Guide - YouTube Creator Academy - 06.08.2020

Psychokinesis 1-2-3-4 Certificate - Biofrequency Systems EAH - 21.06.2020

The Place of Bach Flowers Method in Trichobin Systematic- Biofrequency Systems ERS - 03.03.2020

Food Supplements According to Diseases (Biofrequency) - Biofrequency Systems ERS - 23.02.2020

Migraine / Jing-Jin Secondary Meridian System (Biofrequency)- Biofrequency Systems ERS - 26.01.2020

Trikombin Systematics in Endocrine Diseases and Secondary Mitochondrypathies (Biofrequency) - Adnan Menderes University - 26.05.2019

Digestive System Education and Trikombin Systematics (Biofrequency) - Adnan Menderes University - 17.03.2019

Matrix Informal Level 1-2-3-4 - Adnan Menderes University - 13.01.2019

Trikombin Systematics in Endocrine Diseases (Biofrequency) - Adnan Menderes University - 16.12.2018

Trikombin Therapy Systematic in Autoimmune Diseases (Biofrequency) - Adnan Menderes University - 18.11.2018

Trikombin Systematics in Allergic Diseases (Biofrequency) - Adnan Menderes University - 21.10.2018

Immune System-Skin-Digestive System Connection in Trikombin Frequency Therapies (Biofrequency) - Adnan Menderes University - 23.09.2018

Course Days Congress, Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey - 08/04/2018

Profitable Growth and Risk Management Training - Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 04.03.2014

Financial Management Training for Non-Financial Specialists - Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 30.10.2013

Quantum Thought Technique Training- Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry - 03.10.2013

6th International Health Tourism Congress - Istanbul - 22.11.2013

5th International Health Tourism Congress, Ankara - 21.11.2012

International Ukrainian Prophylaxis and Antiaging Congress - Kiev - 24.10.2012

Young Neurosurgeons Committee 1st Symposium- Turkish Neurosurgical Society - 22.12.2001


USG Emergency, Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, the course Congress Days, 2018

USG in Critically İll Patients, Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, the course Congress Days, 2018

Wound Closure Techniques Basic Course, Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, the course Congress Days, 2018

Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, the course Congress Days, 2018

Advanced Airway, Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, the course Congress Days, 2018


Effects of Diet Types on Blood Glucose Levels, Kemer Yaşam Hospital, 2018

Health Tourism Sector Analysis, Çukurova University SBE UE Business Administration Master Program Term Project, 2014

Epidemiological Examination of Patients Hospitalized with the Diagnosis of Head Trauma, SB Haydarpaşa Numune EAH Neurosurgery Clinic, Turkish Neurosurgical Society Congress poster presentation, 2004


Russian - Advanced

English - Upper intermediate

German - Basic level


Hotel Doctor - Catamaran Resort Hotel, Club Med Beldibi Holiday Village, Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites Spa Hotel, Crystal Flora Beach Resort, Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort, Champion Holiday Village, Club Salima Holiday Village, Zigana Hotel, Mirada Del Mar Hotel, Ulusoy Kemer Holiday Club, Magic Life Kemer Imperial Hotel, Boran Mare Beach Resort, Kilikya Palace Hotel, Amara Prestige Hotel, Karmir Resort Hotel, Mirage Park Hotel, Queens Park Resort, Greenwood Resort Hotel, Sherwood Exclusive Hotel, Kimeros Park Holiday Village, Ghazal Resort, Club Med Palmiye, Rose Residance Hotel, Palmet Resort Hotel, Crystal Aura Beach Resort, The Maxim Resort Kemer, Accra Barut Kemer Hotel, Orange County Resort Hotel, Hydros Club Hotel, Grand Haber Hotel, Crystal Deluxe Resort Hotel, Viking Star Hotel, Türkiz Resort Hotel, Özkaymak Marina Hotel, Meder Resort Hotel, Kiriş World Hotel, Sailor's Beach Club, Kiriş World Palace Hotel, Kiriş Resort Hotel, Le Jardin Resort, Always Biz Hotel, Simena Sun Club, Asteria Kemer Resort, Marco Polo Beach Club, Kilikya Resort Hotel, Robinson Club Çamyuva, Rixos Premium Tekirova, Pirate's Beach Club, Martı Myra Hotel, Kaplan Paradise Hotel, Güral Premier Tekirova, Phaselis Princess Hotel, Queens Park Tekirova Resort, Club Hotel Phaselis Rose, Euphoria Hotel Tekirova, Amara Dolce Vita Hotel - 2005-2020

Completion Certificate - Antalya Half Marathon, 2010

Writership- columnist- gazetekemer (local newspaper) - 2009 - 2020

Accompanying Officer-Interpreter of the Deputy Russian Naval Forces - Marmaris  International Maritime Festival, Aksaz Naval Base - 04.2005

Translation of the meeting of the commanders of the Turkish and Russian Navy - Marmaris International Maritime Festival, Aksaz Naval Base- 04.2005

Ensign Diploma – Turkish Land Forces Command - 31.10.2004

Certificate of Achievement - 17th Intercontinental Eurasia Marathon - 05.11.1995

Certificate of Achievement - Athletics District Sixth - Istanbul Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate - 19.12.1993

Athletics Team First Place - İSTEK Foundation - 08.06.1992


Turkish Medical Association

İSTEK Konyaaltı School Family Association Board of Directors

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